Make Unpacking a Breeze

Although many people don’t find unpacking nearly as stressful as packing, it can be tedious. Make the process less of a chore by following these tips before you move.

  1. Clean before you move in. While the previous owners may have cleaned when they left, give your new home a thorough cleaning to ensure it is move-in ready for you. Also, take the time to stock the bathrooms with toilet paper and put snacks and paper towels in the kitchen. You’ll be glad you did when it’s moving day.
  2. Store hardware for furniture, curtain rods, etc. in sandwich bags. If you disassemble any furniture, this ensures you don’t lose any screws or important pieces. Tape the bags to the underside of the furniture.
  3. Take photos that show how your electronics are connected. If you’ve tossed the instructions to your gadgets, taking photos of the back of your television, stereo or computer will help you match each cord to the correct plug.

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