Tax Assessment Appeal Notice!

Hello! I hope summer has been great for you so far.

With summer comes the time in Berks County when you can appeal the assessment on your home if you think it is too high. I know we all think our taxes are too high, but I am happy to speak with you about it and let you know my opinion on whether you have a case or not.

The appeal period runs from 7/1 through 8/15 in Berks County so don’t wait, get your form completed today! Call or email me and we can take a look at your assessment together. Below is the link for information on tax assessment appeals and the second link will direct you to the page to download the appeal form. The county charges $25 for most properties.

I also recorded a step by step video on the appeal process.

Remember there is no cost for me to help you with this! I offer to help my current clients, past clients and their friends and families with this service in order to build good will and provide excellent service! I have helped a lot of people save thousands of dollars if the assessment is too high.

Give us a call at (610) 334-0294, we are here ready to help you!



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