Save Me, Super Kitchen

Kitchens have come a long way from linoleum floors and olive-colored appliances that our grandparents had. Today’s kitchens are super-sized and designed for multiple purposes. Sixty-nine percent of owners use their kitchen space for dining, while 49 percent us it for entertaining and 43 percent for socializing, according to a recent study of homeowners by Houzz. The kitchen has become the hub for family activities, such as doing homework, watching TV and reading. Nearly two-thirds of homeowners spend more than three hours a day in their kitchen.

Therefore, today’s homeowners are not skimping on renovations. Nearly one-third of homeowners surveyed spent $25,000 to $50,000 on kitchen renovations and another third spend more than $50,000.

Features that are typically part of living and dining rooms, such as dining tables, chandeliers, TV’s and workspaces, are being added to kitchens Wine refrigerators and built-in coffee stations are popular for entertaining, while custom cabinetry and hardwood floors integrate more seamlessly with the home’s overall design.

As the modern kitchen has continued to evolve, several design trends have emerged:

  • Two-tone kitchen cabinets that mix colors and styles.
  • Black and bronze finishes on stainless steel appliances contribute a sleek, modern look.
  • Deep kitchen drawers help organize dishes and pans.
  • Niche appliances, from steam ovens, warming drawers and inductions cooktops, add luxury and practicality.
  • Kitchen islands with more works[ace and storage, prep sinks and seating are the workhorse of the home.
  • Unexpected combinations of backsplash and countertop finishes can spice up kitchen decor – for example, a brink backsplash with concrete countertops or yellow ceramic tile with butcher block.

The modern “super kitchen” not only improves flow, storage and aesthetics, it also supports family life with style and substance.


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