School Property Tax Reform

I believe school property taxes are literally crippling for very many homeowners in Pennsylvania.  Young and Old.  Older homeowners with fixed incomes can potentially lose their homes because the taxes just keep going up without abatement.  It prevents young people from entering the market because the monthly obligation on a loan payment is so great and will never stop increasing.

If it were handled differently and spread out over a wider group of taxpayers it would be a benefit to everyone. I know it’s been set up in Pennsylvania like this for years but the burden should not be placed exclusively on homeowners.

With lower property taxes, market values would inevitably increase which would benefit homeowners and the entire economy alike.  With higher values and more people desiring to live in Pennsylvania, the economy will grow quicker and we will attract more businesses.  It sounds simple but we’ve been fighting this battle for many years.  Attracting new businesses and jobs has been a dramatic problem for Pennsylvania and I believe changing the real estate property tax structure will be a catalyst to improving the overall economic picture in Pennsylvania.

What can you do? Get involved. Make your voice heard.  If you feel strongly about property tax reform in Pennsylvania, let your representatives know.  For it or against it, It’s the least we can do!

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1 thought on “School Property Tax Reform

  1. I read somewhere that while NJ owners pay the most on a state basis, there are some PA counties (Berks and Chester?) that pay higher rates than NJ’s average! Thanks for the tips on making it known to your reps.

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